Possible Concepts - Ashlee Haze - 1/2021

These concepts are fairly simple and straightforward and I'll mostly be focusing on lighting, pose, and composition to produce images for updating my portfolio and posting on social media. Typically, I use concepts as starting points, but often go in slightly different directions once we get in the studio and see what we're getting and how things are working.

We wouldn't try to do all of these, but these are some ideas I've been wanting to explore.

Renaissance/Enlightenment Inspired Portrait

I'd like to do a series of images inspired by older painted portraits, taking inspiration from both the High Renaissance and the Enlightenment. I wouldn't be trying to faithfully recreate the look of a particular painting or to use period accurate clothes or hairstyles, but rather would be looking to use lighting and pose to give a similar impression. Mostly head shot and three-quarter length shots (though might experiment with some full length shot), will use a diffusing filter and post processing to soften the image give it a hint of a painterly affect. Will shoot in front of a hand-painted abstract background. Will use some clothing and accessory items inspired by the time period.

High Key / Bubbles

I want to a set of standard fashion-style nudes, experimenting with a few different variations on high-key lighting with minimal accessories or clothing items - just a few sparkly pieces of jewelry or shiny accessories to catch some highlight.

For some of the images, I want to experiment with bubbles floating in the foreground. A bit experimental and I've no idea how well it'll work, but I'm thinking about having colored gels shining only on the bubbles so they catch and refract the colored light as they warp and distort parts of the background.

Vintage Anachronism

I've been toying with an idea to do a series of vintage-inspired sets using period appropriate props/clothing/accessories. Particularly interested in two eras at the moment:

  • A 1920s/1930s inspired set. Think Arthur Cheney Johnson, Albert Arthur Allen, Germaine Krull, early Man Ray (esp. his Lee Miller photos), William Mortenson.
  • A 1950s/1960s inspired pinup set. Think Bettie Page by Bunny Yeager, 1950s calendar pinups, or early Playboy. Simple, bright color backgrounds, minimal props, classic pinup poses.

I've also been toying with a variation on this vintage theme where I introduce a single anachronistic element into the shots (maybe in color), so like a classic 20s glamour shot with the model looking at herself in a mirror, but instead of a mirror, she's using an iPhone to catch a selfie, but everything else is period appropriate, down to studio watermark etc.

Classic Low Key Nudes

I have a love for simple, classic low-key photographs and am interested in trying a couple of variations on the concept:

  • Ruth Berhnard-style images. Maybe a take on her box series. Black and white. Simple hard or semi-hard lighting. Simple makeup. Minimal accessories or jewelry.
  • Low key bodyscapes, some full body, but also some close up shot with unusual composition, focused on parts so they become almost abstract, fingers pressing into skin, interplay of light at joints.

Pose/Lighting Refs and Inspiration

Here are some images I've found to use as inspiration for pose, composition, props, or lighting. These are VERY LOOSE references. I'm not trying to replicate any of these images specifically, but something in the image - the pose, composition, props, clothing and/or lighting speak are in line with what I'm thinking.

Renaissance/Enlightenment Portrait

High Key / Bubbles:

Vintage / Anachronism



Low Key Nudes